How To Make 360 Waves More Visible

Wavy Merch

Want you 360 Waves to POP and have everyone notice you?

This method is how to make your waves more visible.

Maintaining your wolf is the hardest thing to do when it comes to 360- waves. The longer you wolf, the curlier your hair becomes and the curlier your hair, the deeper your waves. Sadly, the longer you wolf the harder it gets to maintain your hair. Some of us have jobs and relationships and you may lose both if you don’t maintain your wolf! (Just kidding.) While wolfing, make sure you get light tapers, line-ups and freehand trims. A freehand trim is lightly going over your waves with your clippers using no guard. This will cut off all the frizzy hairs that you can't lay down. (Be careful, one slip and you'll cut a patch out of your hair.) This is an excellent trick created by barbers to make us wavers look as fresh as possible while wolfing.

Wolfing is the best way to add depth to your 360 waves. You're going to want to try and wolf as long as possible. Some people wolf for 4 weeks, some wolf for 14. It all depends on your hair texture and the effort you put in when maintaining your hair. The straighter your hair is, the longer you'll need to wolf; about 6+ weeks because straighter hair doesn’t reach its curl length as quick as a tighter hair texture. To maximize your wolf session, you must maximize your brush sessions. The longer your hair, the more you need to brush.

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