What Is "Wolfing" 360 Waves?

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What Is "Wolfing" 360 Waves?

Wolfing is the most important technique in achieving 360 waves. The term “wofling” means growing out your hair while continuously brushing your waves. Lets say you start your wave journey with a 2 with the grain haircut and your next haircut is 3 weeks later. That means you just wolfed for 4 weeks. The longer your hair is the curlier it gets, and lets not forget that waves are just laid down curls. Therefore, the longer your hair is the deeper your waves become.

It gets harder to control your wolf the longer your hair is. Everyone has a different maximum wolf length because everyone’s hair grows at different speeds. Someone with a tighter curl texture with slower ahir growth will be able to wolf longer than someone who has a lighter curl texture where the hair growth is much faster; it all varies.

It's recommended to never over-wolf. Over-wolfing is when you bypass your maximum potential in your wolf and you can no longer see your waves or keep them laid down no matter what method you use. As you continue your wave journey you'll learn how long you can wolf for and what haircuts to get.


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