What is Wolfing 360 waves

What Is "Wolfing" 360 Waves?

What Is "Wolfing" 360 Waves?

Wolfing is the most important technique in achieving 360 waves. The term “wolfing” means growing out your hair while continuously brushing your waves. Lets say you start your wave journey with a 2 with the grain haircut and your next haircut is 4 weeks later. That means you just wolfed for 4 weeks. The longer your hair is the curlier it gets, and lets not forget that waves are just laid down curls. Therefore, the longer your hair is the deeper your waves become.

 Wolfing 360 Waves

It gets harder to control your wolf the longer your hair is. Everyone has a different maximum wolf length because everyone’s hair grows at different speeds. Someone with a tighter curl texture with slower hair growth will be able to wolf longer than someone who has a lighter curl texture where the hair growth is much faster; it all varies.

It's recommended to never over-wolf. Over-wolfing is when you bypass the maximum potential in your wolf and you can no longer see your waves or keep them laid down no matter what method you use. As you continue your wave journey you'll learn how long you can wolf for and what haircuts to get.


Best Products For "Wolfing" Your Hair:

Best Brush For Wolfing 360 Waves

The longer your hair is, the harder it will be to brush and lay down. That's why it's important to use a Hard Brush like the Rosé Pink Hard Brush as often as possible to reach the root of your hair and make sure your hair strands are all getting pulled. 

Best Hair Products To Use For Wolfing 360 Waves

To control the hair and keep it laid down, using hair products will help manage your wolf which will allow you to wolf longer. The issue with these types of hair creams is they may contain unnatural ingredients that aren't healthy for your hair. Try using an All Natural 360 Wave Cream. It's hand crafted with natural ingredients which will not only help lay down your hair, but also promote hair growth.

Different Types Of Durags To Use For Wolfing 360 Waves

When wolfing your 360 waves, your hair will be longer than normal which will increase frizziness. This will make your hair look untamed and wild. Thats why it's very important to wear a Durag as often as possible. If you're not brushing, you should be wearing your Durag. Silky Durags work best due to the texture of the material used. The breathable material doesn't cut off circulation to your scalp, which will help contribute to your hair growth.

Purple Silk Durag

Velvet Durags use a thicker material which doesn't provide as much breathability compared to a Silky Durag, but the fabric used is more dense compared to Silky Durags which can provide a better hold for your hair. The crushed velvet material also provides a different style that people will appreciate.

Khaki Velvet Durag



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