How To Brush 360 Waves

How To Brush 360 Waves

How To Brush 360 Waves

There are 3 different types of waves. 360 Waves, 540 Waves and 720 Waves. Brushing your hair is how you get waves, but each style has its own unique way of brushing.

Firstly, you need a brush. There are 3 types of brushes; Soft Brush, Medium Brush and a Hard Brush. Each brush has different effects on your 360 waves and you need to have one of each to build the best 360 wave pattern. Click Here for our brush collection.

Lets discuss the 3 different types of Waves and how to brush them:

Beehive 360 Waves

Beehive 360 Waves are the most common type of wave pattern. You brush each area of your crown out towards the end of your hair line. Your Crown is the bald spot at the top of your head. Beehive 360 Waves imitate a “bald spot” at the top of your head. Most crowns rotate clockwise making it unnatural to brush a beehive 360 wave as your training your crown to extend straight down instead of a swirl. This makes Beehive 360 waves a difficult pattern to master.

Swirl 540 Waves

540 waves are a new hybrid wave pattern that became popular in 2014. The brushing is usually the same; down to the edge of the hairline. The difference with 540 waves is the motion of the crown. Instead of being brushed to the edge of the hairline, the crown is brushed in its natural hair pattern which is mostly a clockwise swirl motion. This style became very common because of the natural brush strokes. Your crown usually grows in a clockwise rotation and following your natural hair growth pattern will promote a faster wave development. Its arguably easier to achieve perfect 540 waves than any other hairstyle.

720 Waves

720 waves are a unique hairstyle that became popular in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Your waves spin completely sideways all around your head. It looks very unique but the process to achieve this look is very difficult. Starting from your crown, instead of brushing to the edge of your hairline you brush completely sideways in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Each side of your head will be brushed in a sideways rotation. This hairstyle looks very unique but due to the complexity of the brushing, its very complicated and time consuming. Most, if not all of your brush sessions need to be in the mirror so you can see exactly how you need to brush your hair since the motion is so unnatural. 

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