How To Cut 360 Waves

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How To Cut 360 Waves?

If you notice your 360 waves are starting to look out of control and messy while your wolfing, it probably means it’s time for a haircut. Cutting your 360 waves is the make-or-break of waving. You can either cut your hair too short and lose all the progress you’ve worked for or get a perfect haircut and have a great foundation for your next wolfing session. Every waver needs to learn what haircuts to get and throughout your journey you'll experiment with different guard lengths and figure out which haircut length is best for you.

With The Grain vs Against The Grain?

The most common haircut is a “2 With The Grain (WTG).” WTG means the barber is cutting your waves while going WITH your wave pattern. Against the grain (ATG) is when the barber cuts your hair AGAINST your wave pattern. You're probably wondering, why would I ever cut my hair against the grain? ATG cuts provide a cleaner cut as there's a guard evenly going against your hair. WTG may have patches or bumps in your hair as its not cutting the hair as clean.

So, What Haircut Should I Get?

If I get a 2 WTG, that means the lowest I can go ATG is a 4. If I wanted a 3 WTG, I would get a 6 ATG. I always double the number when determining what haircut length I want to go for.

Someone with a tighter curl texture would be able to use a 1 guard WTG on their waves because their hair is still curly at that length. If you have straight hair, going 1 WTG would most likely leave you with no waves. A straighter hair texture may get a better haircut if they use a higher guard, a 3 WTG for example.

Should I Cut My Own Hair?

To get the best waves possible, you need to brush your hair while wolfing. The longer you wolf, the messier your hair may get which forces you to get lineups and tapers weekly. This can become expensive and you also face the risk of your barber ruining your hair.

When I started cutting my own hair, I learned a lifelong skill that I use to this day and I've definitely saved thousands of dollars. Im able to give myself lineups and tapers anytime I want and doing so weekly allows me to wolf much longer as im in control of how my hair looks. Start slow and practice makes perfect! If you need assistance with lineups, check out The Cut Buddy. It helps you achieve the perfect lineup.

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