360 Waves: How To Get Waves On The Sides

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How To Get Waves On The Sides?

Getting waves on the sides isn’t hard, we just make it hard. As wavers we tend to brush the top of our head more than the sides and back. This causes the waves to form at a faster rate on the top of your head because you’re focusing all your brushing on that specific area. Waves are just laid down curls, so if you don’t have waves on the side that means your hair isn’t bring brushed enough on your sides.

A Method To Help

Focus on brushing your sides more (at least for 30 minutes) and you'll see the waves start to form. If you still don’t see any progress on your sides, get a fresh cut and start brushing each side for 30 minutes. Sometimes it’s best to get a haircut if you're not seeing progress on your sides as you can start training your hair when it’s at a shorter length.

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