Slime Green, Pink Rosé, Purple Phantom Combo

Wavy Merch

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Slime Green, Pink Rosé, Purple Phantom Combo

The Slime Green Curved Medium Brush is our newest edition of Curved Brushes. Extended bristles set at 2cm in length allow for deeper wave penetration and gives the bristles room to flex.

The Curved Contour perfectly shapes your head structure allowing for maximum wave coverage. Finger grooves on the side of the brush for added comfort. The pointed tip can be used for precision brushing, specifically in your crown or any hard to wave areas.

The Phantom Purple Medium Firm Brush will lay your 360 Waves down at any length making it a perfect go-to brush. The 9 rows of firm bristles will pull your hair while getting down to your scalp.

The Rosé Pink Hard Brush is the hardest brush in our line. The 2cm long bristles will get down to your scalp at any hair length making this brush ideal for wolfing.

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