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Inferno Soft Brush & The Cut Buddy

Inferno Soft Brush & The Cut Buddy

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The Inferno Edition is a true soft brush. The 100% boar bristles lightly glide over your waves leaving a glazed smooth look. The Inferno Soft Brush will help connect your 360 waves due to the soft pulling nature of its bristles. Our 2cm long bristles provide the best pull for your waves.

When applying products to your hair, The Inferno Soft Brush will distribute the product evenly through your hair without irritating your scalp.

The Cut Buddy is a hair and beard shaping tool. The Cut Buddy trimming template tool works in conjunction with hair clippers, hair fiber, detailers, outliners, disposable razors or a straight razor. The purpose of The Cut Buddy is to give males and females of all nationalities a crisp, clean and defined front and side hairline and a perfect beard grooming profile. With a quick glide of a clipper or razor, anyone can quickly have a perfect hairline, beard, neckline, or mustache. Professional barbers and stylist utilize this tool for making perfect hair fiber lines. This hair and beard shaping tool comes with a complimentary Speed Tracer barber pencil to help your trace your work before cutting. 

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