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Green Camo Medium Brush

Green Camo Medium Brush

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This Green Camo Medium Brush is perfect for wolfing your 360 waves. It has firm medium bristles and 8 rows of bristles for maximum spacing, so you can create wider waves. The medium-firm bristles are 1.9cm long, and finger grooves on the sides make it comfortable to use. Its pointed tip also ensures precision brushing.

The Green Camo Medium Brush is a new line of limited edition brushes. This brush is a true firm medium brush.

  • 1.9cm Medium-Firm Bristles will tame any length of hair you have.  
  • FINGER GROOVES on the side of the brush provide added comfort for your brush sessions. 
  • POINTED TIP can be used for precision brushing, specifically in your crown or any hard to wave areas.
  • PENETRATE YOUR SCALP  while pulling your hair without causing pain. Best Used When Wolfing.
  • Rows Of Bristles allow for spacing of the hair promoting wider waves.

How To Use:

Use your Tri-Teeth Comb to lift up your hair. Apply a dime sized amount of 360 Wave Cream to your hair and evenly spread. Using the Black Camo Hard Brush, distribute the product through your hair with even brush strokes all around your head. Once finished, wrap your waves in a Wavy Merch Durag to let your waves lay down. 

Unsure how to start brushing your 360 Waves? This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know. Click Here to learn How To Brush 360 Waves.

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